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Fancy White Color Diamonds

Like Natural Fancy Black Diamonds, White Diamonds are opaque, therefore they are not measured by their level of color saturation but rather designated only as Fancy White. 

These diamonds that are quite difficult to find, contain a high number of minute inclusions of unknown character that scatter light giving off a luminous “cloudy” white color when viewed face-up.  Common names for diamonds with different combinations of white are ivory, cream, milk, pearl, sugar, salt, snow, etc.

White diamonds described as being “opalescent” are stones that have a look reminiscent of an opal. White Diamonds are very rare, as rare as pinks or certain blues, but usually not very attractive and quite a bit less expensive.

The diamonds usually have an abundance of hydrogen atoms as impurities and are classified as Type laB.  White diamonds can have a bluish, brownish, grayish and/or yellowish cast.

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