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Diamond Buying Tips

Three Reasons to Buy a Diamond Online

Selection - Find the best-cut (most beautiful) diamonds because many Internet vendors list entire wholesaler inventories that stock the best-cut diamonds.

Prices - Internet prices are highly competitive because of lower operation cost and you can save on sales taxes by buying the diamond from another state.

Flexibility - Have the ability to have diamonds shipped to you where you can view them in the lighting conditions where they will be worn.

Diamond Buying - Tips

From where should I buy my diamond?

You can buy your diamond from a bricks and mortar jeweler down the street or with the invention of the internet, you can now buy on-line from an internet jeweler.  In any case, make sure the jeweler is a member of the Better Business Bureau and/or is a member of the BBBOnline Program, or customer satisfaction rating companies such as Bizrate. 

How do I know the diamond I paid for and received is what the seller promised?

Once you have made your selection, make sure you obtain a grading certificate from the seller that you can use for insurance purposes. 

Furthermore, if you can, pay by credit card especially if you do not know the seller personally.  If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can return the diamond without difficulty due to the fact that the credit card company has rules for the protection of the consumer.   Secondly, since the jeweler is a member of the Better Business Bureau, he will be more inclined to accept the return. This is also true for internet jewelers who are on the BBBOnline program.

To be certain that the quality of your gemstone is as listed on the grading certificate, get a second appraisal.  Do not show the existing certificate to the appraiser.  If the second appraisal differs greatly in a negative way, you may wish to obtain a third appraisal to break the tie. If the third appraisal verifies the second, return the diamond and get your money back. If, however, the second appraisal verifies the original grading certificate, then enjoy your diamond.

What should I look for when choosing a diamond?

Once you have established a budget, then you must determine the characteristics of the gemstone that are most important to you and juggle one with the other to determine the optimum combination.  These gemological characteristics are:
1)  Carat Weight,
2)  Color,
3)  Clarity, and
4) Cut - proportion and shape

Diamond Buying - Tips

Should I buy the heaviest diamond I can afford?

Not always.  Buying the heaviest diamond you can afford does not mean you are getting something of greater worth. Sometimes, a smaller, properly proportioned diamond has a greater value than a larger, improperly proportioned diamond, and it may even look better - more brilliant and alive.  To illustrate this, take a diamond that weighs 1.1 carats and is well- proportioned with a diameter of 6.7 millimeters, and compare it to a diamond weighing 1.25 carats  that is improperly proportioned with the same diameter of 6.7 millimeters.   The proportions of the heavier diamond are not as balanced as those of the lighter diamond, hence its brilliance and overall beauty will be diminished and its market value will be less.
You will indeed have a heavier diamond, but it will not be of the quality you deserve or desire.

How much should I pay for a diamond?

Market conditions determine the per carat cost of diamonds at any given time.  You should first set a budget that meets your financial situation.  A good rule of thumb is from two to a maximum of three months salary.

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