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Diamond Flaw Types

Most Diamonds have flaws of some sort. These flaws are known generally as "inclusions" or imperfections. Inclusions can be either on the exterior or interior of the diamond.  Additionally, inclusions are classified according to when they formed either “syngenetic” (during the diamond’s creation or “epigenetic” (after a diamond’s creation).

To determine if a diamond has any flaws or inclusions, it should be examined with a lens (Jeweler's Loupe) that magnifies at a power of 10x.  This is the standard magnification used in the industry.



Free from all inclusions or blemishes at 10x magnification.


Minor Inclusions
(Very, Very Slight)

Difficult to see from the top (face up) at 10x
(Scarcely perceptible inclusion)


Minor Inclusions
(Very Slight)

Difficult to see from the top (face up) at 10x


Noticeable Inclusions
(Slightly Included)

Easy to see at 10x Jeweler's Loupe


Obvious Inclusions

Easily visible to the unaided eye

Any flaws which are visible with the naked eye would cause the price of the diamond to be reduced.

Having said that, one must understand that not all diamond flaws (just like diamonds) are created equal.  Some diamond flaws provide a diamond a unique splendor that makes it look exceptional.



Diamond Scratches

Fine lines found on the surface of the diamond are called “scratches.” They may have been created during the diamond’s formation or accidentally during the diamond cutting process. Deep scratches can rarely be removed however, minor scratches can be removed by polishing the stone.

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