Diamond Avenue


All elegant and expensive diamonds start life as “Diamonds in the Rough.” They must first be sorted according to certain categories before being sold:



Octahedron diamond

The predominant rough diamond shape is that of the octahedron which has eight sides or faces and six vertices.


A dodecahedron has 12 sides or faces and twenty vertices that give the rough diamond a smoother, less angular appearance than the octahedron. The faces on the dodecahedron as smaller and there are more of them giving the perception that the gem is somewhat bloated.

dodecahedron diamond

Octahedrons and dodecahedrons comprise about 50% of all rough diamonds in a typical deposit. There are also Rhombododecahedral - Twelve-sided diamonds with rhomboidal faces as well as Cube-shaped diamonds.


cube diamond Diamonds can also occur in the shape of a cube. This is not unusual as a diamond has a cubic crystalline structure. Cube shape diamonds, however, are rarely gem quality and tend to be better-suited for industrial (non-gem quality) uses.

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