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Gemological Characteristics - The Shape of a Diamond

"Diamonds in the rough" are not considered beautiful.  They must be cut and polished to exhibit the charateristics of fire
and brilliance associated with fine gemstones. 

Diamonds that are not cut to the specifications of Tolkowsky's Round Brilliant Shape are called "Fancy Cuts."  These shapes include the Baguette (from the French, meaning "Loaf of bread), marquise, princess (square outline), heart, radiant (similar to the princess but with rounded edges), pear and emerald cut.

These "fancy cuts" are not held to the same strict standards as Tolkowsky's Round Brilliants.

Round Brilliant - The round brilliant is the newer version of the old round that has been reworked for
maximum brilliance.  The round brilliant is by far the most popular cut and has the best proportions and

Baguette - Not as popular for solitaires, however, often used as an accompanyment to round brilliant or in
narrow rings as the prime stone alone or in combinations of three or more.

Oval - Not as popular for solitaires, however, often used for three-stone anniversary rings.
Princess - A square cut diamond that has refractive properties similar to that of the round brilliant.

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