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Pave Set Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with pave settings are quite exceptional..

A pave diamond ring's metal band is set with very small diamonds that give the appearance of a solid diamond surface.

To hold them in place pave-set diamonds use only tiny prongs thus very little of the band shows through and the individual diamonds appear to float.

"Full Pave" settings have diamonds around the whole band while "Half Pave" settings have diamonds halfway around the band.

Most people find a full pave setting quite impressive upon viewing, but not very comfortable because the diamonds may rub against the other fingers. Half Pave settings do not present that condition. Furthermore, a full pave ring can take away one's attention from the center diamond which should be the focal point of the ring.

Usually, Pave setting center stones are round brilliant or princess cut diamonds that are 1) prong-set, 2) basket-set or 3) bezel-set. These three styles of attachment separate the main diamond from the supporting pave set diamonds appropriately to provide a superior look.

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