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Yellow is the most common fancy diamond color.  Yellow diamonds have become very popular because of their attractive sparkle and relatively reasonable prices.  Yellow diamonds are graded 1) faint, 2) very light, 3) light, 4) fancy light, 5) fancy intense, 6) fancy deep and 7) fancy vivid. The more intense the color is, the more it costs. Yellow diamonds are found all over the world, however, the rarest colors, fancy deep yellow and fancy vivid yellow originate, for the most part, from South Africa.

Fancy Light Yellow Fancy Yellow colored Diamond Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond
Fancy Light Yellow Fancy Yellow Fancy Intense Yellow Fancy Vivid Yellow

Yellow diamonds often exhibit secondary colors. Color combinations include orangy yellow, brownish yellow, greenish yellow and on.  In the marketplace, yellow fancy color diamonds with secondary hues are worth less than pure yellow diamonds.

Yellow diamonds were at one time considered to be second-rate.  Today, a small .25-carat yellow diamond with excellent clarity and cut can go for thousands of dollars.  | Back to Index |

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