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Fancy Red Diamonds are the rarest and most desirable of all the Fancy Colored Diamonds and are the most expensive.

Most Red diamonds come from Western Australia, from the  Argyle diamond mine known for its production of some of the world’s finest Pink, Violet, Blue, and Brown diamonds.  The rest come from Brazil, Russia, and India. 

It is said that natural red diamonds are so rare that most jewelers “have never seen one, and will never own one.”

Most fancy color diamonds get their color from Nitrogen and Boron impurities but red diamonds are different.  Red diamonds are pure, composed of carbon atoms, much like colorless diamonds but due to a rare distortion in their atomic structure known as “plastic deformation” when light is allowed to pass through their irregular lattice structure, the unusual bending of the light causes the diamonds to exhibit a ruby-like (red) color.

Fancy Red diamonds exhibit one pure color or in some cases they may have secondary tones, which include Brownish, Purplish, and Orangy.  This characteristic can be confusing when trying to determine if a stone is a ruby or a diamond.   

Red diamonds, like Black and White diamonds, come in only one intensity level: Fancy Red.


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