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Diamonds that present a noticeable color are rare making up just 0.01% of the world’s total production. Such diamonds have throughout history been the possessions of the wealthy. Of all the colors, pink diamonds are among the most appealing and desired.

Natural pink diamonds can be found in Brazil, Canada, Russia, Siberia, South Africa and Tanzania. However, the majority of these rare diamonds come from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, owned by Rio Tinto whose main offices are found in Perth, Australia. It is there that these diamonds are cut and polished then offered for sale via what is called a tender (or auction).

Pink diamonds are graded 1) faint, 2) very light, 3) light, 4) fancy light, 5) fancy intense, 6) fancy deep and 7) fancy vivid. The more intense the color is, the more it costs. Pink diamonds often exhibit subordinate color tones, the most common hues being brown, orange and purple. When described in the accompanying certificate, these diamonds would be noted as brown pink or brownish pink, orange pink or orangy pink, and purple pink or purplish pink.

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