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Solitaire engagement rings symbolize "true love" in a single stone. They are simple, yet multi-faceted and express the purity of love through the elegance of Nature's perfection. When selecting a solitaire engagement ring, one must first take into consideration the style and size of the band. To make a smaller diamond appear larger, the band should be narrower. Also, for smaller fingers, narrower bands look delicate and graceful. To have more options in the way the diamond is set, one can use a thicker band.

White gold or platinum can give a solitaire engagement ring a stunning elegance, as the diamond tends to take on the cast of the metal into which it is set. Yellow gold permits the diamond to really stand out and is another excellent option.

To make a stone appear larger than it actually is, the shape of the diamond is important. Emerald-cut, marquise, pear-shaped and oval gemstones can make the stone seem longer.

A well-proportioned, round brilliant will always look beautiful. Uncommon shapes, like the trillium cut or heart-shape, will also attract the eye because they are not commonplace.

A solitaire of one carat can be breath-taking and does not need other diamonds on the setting to give it more grandeur. A larger solitaire with premium characteristics will always be exceptional.


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